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SOCAA committed to the fight against COVID-19 during this challenging time | 矽原精密致力執行COVID-19防疫措施

We are continuing to do our best to continue our operations smoothly while keeping our team safe and healthy by below advice during this challenging time:


  1. Washing our hands properly and often | 經常以正確方式洗手

  2. Wearing face-covering in confined and non-confined space | 在密閉和非密閉空間內佩戴口罩

  3. Keeping social distance from others | 與他人保持安全社交距離

  4. Cleaning and disinfecting our environment frequently | 經常清潔與消毒我們的環境


As all of our products are designed and manufactured in Taiwan, the lead time won’t be affected by COVID-19. We always do our best to commit the most excellent quality product to our customers.


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