• New Product Released-Low Band Antenna
  • Lightning Arrestor Series
  • New Product Released-Low Band Antenna

    With compact shape and great performance, it can be used wildly in IoT devices, remote controller or any devices based on this frequency range.


    2016 New LTE Antenna. 
    Frequency: 698~960MHz;

    Gain: 1.5dBi @698~960MHz
            1.0dBi @1575.24MHz
            2.5dBi @1710~2170MHz 
            3.5dBi @2500~2700MHz
    SWR: 2.5Max

  • Lightning Arrestor Series

    SOCAA’s lightning arrestor is gas discharge tube suppressor, features high frequency range up to 6GHz and is rated at IP67. We could build it with customer demand.
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