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Road to 5G | 通往5G的道路

As a revolutionary technology in the communication development history, 5G will make the Internet of Everything (IoE) become possible, which means that people and people, people and things, and things and things can be connected anytime and anywhere.

We know that the road to the fully deployed city with 5G NR cellular service required another part of the spectrum that’s being used in 5G NR is sub-6 GHz, which includes the portion of spectrum lower than 6 GHz. These bands are extremely effective at providing coverage and have a capacity for a wide range of 5G use cases. That means faster, more uniform data rates both outdoors and indoors for more users.

作為通信發展史上的革命性技術,5G將可實現萬物皆可連(Internet of Everything),這意味著人與人,人與物,物與物可隨時隨地連接,實現更便利、安全的生活環境。

在5G NR的應用當中,Sub 6GHz是一個相對重要的頻帶。此頻帶提供較廣的覆蓋範圍,並且可以容納各種5G應用,這表示使用者可以在室內或戶外獲得更快、更穩定的數據傳輸效率。

A new series of Sub 6 Ghz antenna is lining up and ready to release soon. Please stay tune with our new website at www.socaa.com.tw

新系列Sub 6GHz天線即將發布。請密切關注我們的新網站www.socaa.com.tw以取得最新資訊!

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