Fighting the Covid-19 virus without compromise | 矽原全力配合新冠肺炎防疫

Announcement: At present, the Coronavirus has no significant impact on our product quality and delivery

公告: 目前新型冠狀病毒對本公司產品品質及交期尚無重大影響


Our products are throughout designed and manufactured in Taiwan, and the materials are also provided by local suppliers based on our SOCAA quality control principle. Therefore, the lead time won’t be affected by the Covid-19 virus. As always, we follow the company policy to produce and offer the best quality products to our customers.

In the meantime, in accordance with epidemic prevention measures, we regularly disinfect the environment with the proportion of 1:49 diluted bleach, SOCAA glad to announce that none of our product quality and delivery would be affected.


If there are any changes, we will announce the information immediately and responding to measures on the website.



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