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Better lightning protection with no compromise on performance | 更好的避雷效果,無需妥協效率

Solution of Connector and Antenna is pleased to announce a new type of lightning arrestor for coaxial protection. These lightning arrestors have proven in several tests with better performance and much more compact under comparison with the previous generation. The Max RF power up to 90W/CW @ 30 MHz and 9W/CW @ 3 GHz.


矽原近期將發表一款新型避雷器, 此新款避雷器最大RF功率可以達到90W/CW@30 MHz及9W/CW@3 GHz,經過多次驗證與第三方公正單位測試,性能比上一代產品更為優異。

While we redesign our product, we not just lighten our component and also minimize it to achieve a total reduction on volume by 45% and weight down by 50%. For more details on specification please stay tune.


除了性能方面,我們更將避雷氣體積縮小45%、重量減輕50%,以達到輕量化與精簡零件的目標。 更多詳情請持續關注矽原網頁。

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