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5G NR Trending | 5G NR 趨勢

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

5G NR innovation will bring us to whole new level of connectivity like never before. Autonomous driving, 8K video streaming and VR based immersive technologies, High reliable wireless communications, will see demands for higher throughput, better spectral efficiency, extremely low latency and over 100 times the current number of connections.



And now, SOCAA is making our paths for developing various wireless antennas for 5G market, sub 1GHz antennas series is lining up and ready to release soon. Please stay tune with our new website at


現在,SOCAA正在為5G市場發展各類型無線天線,1GHz以下的低頻天線系列開發正進入最終階段並準備發布。請在我們的網站 關注新產品資訊。

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